Newman's Photography

A Passion for Capturing Life As Art

I absolutely love photographing weddings.  What a blessing it is to be a part of such a special time in so many couples lives.  I truly enjoy getting to know each couple, their families, hearing the stories of how they met, and playing a role in artfully documenting the special day set aside for their vows.  I value the relationships I build with my wedding clients and I seek to create images full of sweet moments and memories they will cherish forever.

A wedding is an event full of meaning, symbolism, tradition, and firsts.  A day meant to be remembered in all of it's unique beauty and raw emotion.  I believe this requires a dedicated photographer who is completely vested in the vision of her bride and groom.  I offer 3 premium packages which can be customized with add-ons to fit your needs.  

Box of truffles: This package includes 5 hours of wedding day coverage. I will start by documenting the bride and groom having fun with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, then some shots while getting ready, family moments, first look if chosen, ceremony and reception.  This package comes with full size edited images with rights on a custom DVD or USB memory stick for $4500 

Tiramisu: This package includes all day wedding day coverage with 2 photographers, myself and an assistant. Because of the additional time and extra photographer, plenty of attention is spent on capturing every little detail from two perspectives.  Documentation of the day will begin in the morning and continue until the reception is over. No time restraints or rushing… This package comes with complimentary engagement and bridal session (or other substitutions). This package also comes with full size edited images with rights on a custom DVD or USB memory stick for $6500.

La Dolce Vita:“the good life” ♥️ package- includes everything from the previous package plus a premium custom wedding album, an online wedding album video set to music which can be shared, plus a large gallery art piece or collection for your wall of the bride and groom/wedding day.  $8000

       Why Your Wedding Photography Investment is Worth it

1. Psychological Experience

The professional photographer has the psychological know-how to anticipate every twist and turn of the wedding event because the photographer has worked so many similar occasions in the past.  Photographers have an instinct for timing. They watch their surroundings and know when to trigger at the right moments to capture the story.

The pro photographer is also not likely to get caught up in the enthusiasm or distractions and even calamities that sometimes plague even the most carefully planned events, so the photographer can be counted on to capture things favorably, no matter what comes.

It’s not wise to have a wedding photographed by an “uncle bob” who is actually a guest and not a professional wedding photographer. It may be great for the couple’s wedding budget, but not great when simultaneous wedding moments are missed and not captured. Unless your “uncle bob” is a wedding photographer, a wedding should not be a “practice session”. If you opt for “uncle bob” that is a wedding photographer…hire them to ensure there is an agreement and obligation that they are to be the wedding photographer vs a guest.

2. Technical Expertise

Professional photographers understand all the factors to deliver the best lighting. One of the main reasons amateur photography fails to create beautiful images is that amateurs don’t know how to work with the given lighting situations whether it is natural or artificial lighting. Also, photographers know how to add more lighting to compliment the subject. If the bride doesn’t want to risk looking sallow or haggard on her special day, good lighting is essential.

3. Artistic Vision

Taking photos is not only about pointing and shooting. Nor is photography about taking photos for the sake of sharing on social media. Photography is an artistic vision and involves a creative process. From getting to know the couple, drawing out the couple’s connection, and conveying their love story through images. Consider a wedding a future piece of art work and the photographer is of course the artist! A great professional wedding photographer can turn a wedding into pieces of photographic artwork to enjoy a lifetime.

4. Directs for the Best Picture

Similar to lighting, photographing people alone is dynamic. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and professional photographers know how to direct the subject in poses and angles to make them picture ready and perfect. Maybe the subject is already comfortable with posing their bodies, but not just yet with the photographer. Professional photographers know how to read body language and strike conversation to make couples comfortable and smile.

5. Master Multi-tasker

A professional photographer is not only a photographer, but in many ways a couples’ new friend that they can open up to. Also, an experienced photographer displays project management skills to help organize the wedding day photo itinerary.

By nature, a pro photographer needs to be a multi-tasker at any given moment with eyes and ears open. For example, gathering the family and bridal party politely for group photos with the couple while keeping track of time plus taking note of impromtu photo requests.

6. Careful Preparation and Backup

Wedding photographers know the importance of being prepared, so they always carry backup equipment to the weddings they photograph. Professionals understand that nothing could be more horrible than a piece of equipment that malfunctions at the crucial moment. Likewise, a professional photographer will usually make a backup copy of the photos